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CRBE represents a collective desire to contribute to the development of public policies for the benefit of Brazilian emigrants through activities and actions around the world, acting on different fronts and focusing on the demands of the Brazilian community abroad. Our team is composed of: 

The Council of Representatives of Brazilians Abroad (CRBE) is a channel for dialogue between the Brazilian community abroad and the Brazilian government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE). Its function is to identify the main demands and aspirations of Brazilians living outside the country, transmit them to the MRE and help define policies for the benefit of the emigrant community.

The CRBE was created by Presidential Decree No. 7,214, of June 15, 2010, which defines the government policy for Brazilian communities abroad. The decree also instituted the Brazilian Conferences in the World (CBM), which take place every two years and aim to strengthen the dialogue between the Brazilian government and Brazilian communities abroad. The CRBE is made up of spokespersons for the citizens and citizenship councils present in different regions of the world.

The mandate of the members of the CRBE is two years, and at each election the group prepares an action plan to be developed in collaboration by all its members during this period. CCBV has been a member of the CRBE since its creation.

Citizens and Citizenship Councils are present in several countries.
These advices are the root of the CRBE.
  Some of them were created in the 1990s and exist based on the MSCJ – Manual of Consular and Legal Services – of the MRE – Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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