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The Best of Brazil Awards are for Brazilians residing abroad. Brazilians residing in Brazil can vote and nominate but cannot compete in the awards. We update the rules periodically to reflect necessary changes during the nomination and voting period:

  1. Each email address can only be used once to vote for each nominee.

  2. Each person can vote for multiple nominees if they wish.

  3. Once you accept your nomination you will receive emails from High Profile Magazine about the award and the services it provides.

  4. Nominations for the European awards can be made from 10th of January till 17th of April 2022 at 8pm London UK time. Nominations for the USA awards can be made from January 10th to June 1st at 8pm New York USA time.

  5. Nominations close on the following dates:                                                                                    Europe: 07 of August 2022 at 20:01 (UK)                                                                                            USA: 1st of June 20:01 New York (USA)

  6. The votes will continue from:                                                                                                                  Europe: Until 14th of August
    USA: Until 12th of June

  7. If there are any categories with only one nominee, the category will not be taken to the final with the judges and we will instead place the candidate in another category that is equivalent to his/her profile.

  8. Finalists will be announced:                                                                                                          Europe: 17th of August 2022 at 6pm London time through the magazine Instagram (@highprofilemagazine)                                                                                                                   USA: 16th of June 2022 at 6pm London time through the magazine Instagram (@highprofilemagazine)

  9. The rules will be expanded upon over the coming months. (note the rules don't change they are simply expanded upon).

  10. Supporters, partners, sponsors and jurors cannot vote for any of the nominees.

  11. No relatives of the organizers can participate in the awards.

  12. The most voted in each category will be invited to participate in the in-person event in London. Rule 25 will state how many nominees from each category will be a finalist invited to the ceremony.

  13. The 5 most voted of each  category will be the finalists and your biographies of up to 500 characters will be sent to the judges, as shown on your profile screen, when you accepted to participate in the competition.

  14. The judges vote for each finalist based on their biography alone. The jury does not receive the finalist's first or last name so that the vote may be totally impartial.

  15. The nominees cannot have a criminal record, nor must they have been found guilty of any  crime nor be in a judicial process that is in the public domain (public domain means that the process may have published in newspapers or magazines).

  16. Private processes that do not concern the public are fine.

  17. We do not take into account personal issues between participants in the awards and we do not accept gossip or bad-mouthing from one participant about another.

  18. We do not accept bribes, allow gifts, travel, or any other kind of kickback to sway the final vote.

  19. All winners are selected for the award by combining the votes from the general public and the votes of the judges on their biographies.

  20. On the final week before voting closes we check for voting fraud. If a candidate has received 5 or more votes from fraudulent sources such as bots, or votes with a fake phone number, they will be disqualified.

  21. The person with the most votes per category automatically gets a bonus vote when going to the judges' stage.

  22. If there is a tie between the judges decision the nominee with the largest amount of votes is declared the winner.

  23. Candidates with less than 20 votes will be disqualified. 

  24. If a category is populated exclusively by candidates with less than 20 votes, the category will be dissolved and the candidates will not receive an invitation to the event.

  25. European categories and their finalist numbers: 

'Luiza Brunet' Award for Combating Violence Against Women - 5

'Queen Diambi' Award for Diversity & Inclusion - 3

SB Diversity & Inclusion Award Disability - 3 

LGBT Pride Award - 3

Best Brazilian Lawyer - 5 (women only)

Best Brazilian Artist - 6 (3 men, 3 women)

Best Brazilian Hairdresser - 6 (3 men, 3 women)

Best Brazilian Singer - 6 (3 men and 3 women)

Best Brazilian Chef - 6 (3 men, 3 women)

Best Entrepreneur - 5 (men only)

Best Start-up Entrepreneur - 2 women

Best Entrepreneur Growth - 2 women

Best Established Entrepreneur - 2 women

Best Brazilian Professional in Aesthetics and Beauty - (3 men, 3 women)**

Best Health Professional - 6 (3 men, 3 women)**

Best Magazine, Newspaper, Portal or Communication Professional - 5

Best Brazilian Show/Entertainment - 5

Best Brazilian Writer - Adult - 5

Best Brazilian Writer - Children and Youth - 5

Best Brazilian Writer - Adult, Youth, and Children - 5

Brazilian Personality of the Year - (5 men, 5 women)

Best Communication Channel for Brazilians in Europe - 5

Best Producer of Visual Arts or events - 5

**If there are no male competitors, there will be 5 female finalists.

USA Categories: (There will be 5 finalist per category)

Best Female Brazilian Lawyer

Best Male Brazilian Lawyer

Best Artist (Painting, Drawing, Engraving, Sculpture, Ceramics; Weaving, Ceramics, Art Design, Crafts, Screen Printing, Preservation, Restoration)

Best Hairdresser or Hair Salon (in this category men and women compete for the same award)

Best Female Brazilian Singer

Best Male Brazilian Singer

Best Brazilian Chef in the USA (in this category men and women compete for the same award)

Best Brazilian Professional in Aesthetics and Beauty (in this category men and women compete for the same award)

Best Brazilian Health Professional (in this category men and women compete for the same award)

Best Brazilian Show/Entertainment (Samba show, Dance, Capoeira, Comedy, Theatre, etc.)

Best Brazilian Writer - Adult

Best Brazilian Writer - Children and Youth

Best Brazilian Writer - Adult, Youth, and Children

Best Male Brazilian Entrepreneur

Best Brazilian Start-up Entrepreneur

Best Brazilian Expansion Entrepreneur

Best Brazilian Consolidated Entrepreneur

Best Brazilian Female Influencer

Best Brazilian Male Influencer

Brazilian Personality of the Year

Best NGO or Association for Supporting the Brazilian Community

'Luiza Brunet' Award for Fighting Violence Against Women (Award for an individual or organization that fights against domestic violence and violence against women)

The International LGBTQ+ & Inclusivity Award 

'Queen Diambi' For Diversity and Inclusion Award

The Bullock International Disability Award

26. By buying a ticket and/or participating in this event you are agreeing to have your photo and video taken and used for promotional content on our various social media accounts and website.

Important dates European Awards

07th of August

Nominations close for European Awards at 08:01pm London time

14th of August

Voting continues for the nominees up until this date

17th of August

Finalists are announced at 6pm London time on the Magazine Instagram (@highprofilemagazine)

10th of January

Nominations open worldwide for the European Awards

30 de junho 

Jurados finalizam seus votos e vencedores são selecionados

3 de julho 

Troféus são encomendados com os nomes dos vencedores

16 de setembro

Cerimonia de Gala no Palácio Britânico -  Houses of Parliament 

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