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Borderless Network

Together we are stronger!

A company must exist, not only to offer a certain product or provide the service stated in its social contract (or statute), but, yes, to bring positive transformations to its consumer!

Rede Sem Fronteiras is a cultural entity that develops and disseminates Brazilian and Portuguese-speaking culture throughout the Brazilian national territory and for Portuguese-speaking readers residing in more than 20 countries around the world, on five continents, with the motto:

"Together we are stronger!"

Its objective is to promote, disseminate and foster the culture and production of its members, across borders, through electronic dissemination, literary and cultural projects, events and partnerships with Universities, Foundations, Associations, Academies and similar entities.

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Offer the Brazilian writer and artist and others in the Portuguese language, the opportunity to expand and recognize their  works around the world.

Become recognized leaders in quality and moral value, so

to contribute to the transformation of society through culture, making it fairer and more egalitarian, generating business opportunities for the company, its associate members, partners and employees.



To be a reference institution, recognized as the best option  by customers, associate members, employees, community, partners and investors, for the quality of our products, services and relationships.  Every Organization must realize that, by nurturing good values, it will be possible to achieve stronger internal processes and better external differentiation (especially in the eyes of the customer).

'For your business to prosper it is important that you really believe in it, look ahead and clearly define what you want to achieve in the future!'
Philip Kotler
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  • +8 Years of Projects Developed Nationally and Internationally

  • +20 years of experience of its President in Cultural Activism

  • Credibility and Recognition in the Cultural Environment

  • Wide network of writers and artists who are part of the projects carried out

  • Partnership with Cultural Institutions, NGOs, Consulates, Universities, Academies, etc.

  • Concern with Quality, the Satisfaction of all its customers and partners.

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